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LimePlus Dip

LimePlus Dip, Lime Sulfur 100-ml concentrate

LimePlus Dip, Lime Sulfur 100-ml concentrate - Bild vergrößern

DermaPet - Professional care of the skin of cats and dogs, tolerated by kittens, puppies and pregnant animals as well! Lime Sulfur is a sulphur-containing concentrate to obtain a scrubbing solution for pets. Skin scales are removed thoroughly.
This effect counteracts the adhesion of dermatophytes. The fur becomes smooth and silky.

To obtain a scrubbing solution, 25 ml of the concentrate is mixed with 1 l of hand-hot water.
The contents of a bottle is sufficient for 4 washings of a cat’s body. Prepare a fresh scrubbing
solution for each application.


Amply apply the freshly made LimePlus Dip scrubbing solution on the pet’s hair down to the skin by
means of a cloth sponge. Do not dry off. Have the pet dried in warm and draught-free surroundings.
If required, the application is repeated at intervals of 5 days.


Own bottling!

Keep care products of animals out of children’s reach!

The strong odour of sulphur especially during and shortly after the application is typical of the product.

LimePlus Dip is yellow and can colour light hair, clothing as well as surfaces including jewellery. In case
of alleged skin infections wear one-way gloves during the application.

Avoid contact with the eyes. Should the product get into contact with the eyes, immediately rinse them with warm water. Do not apply it any more in case of skin irritations.

In case of crystallisation put the bottle in warm water for 15 min and shake it well.

Manufacturer: Metalchem

Delivery time: 2-4 business days

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