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Mediair Profi

Ozone generator comprising two 38-Watt photozone tubes for the fast disinfection of large rooms as well.

The unit of the type Mediair-Profi is very powerful, designed for living areas of up to 400 mē. It takes just 7 minutes per mē in case of infections with Microsporum Canis and Giardien and 4 minutes for all other germs like viruses, bacteria, mildews and their spores. Thus, surfaces are reliably disinfected almost immediately. The Mediair-Profi is often used in pets‘ homes, surgeries and houses of the open coverage type.
In the presence of man and animal the Mediair-Profi is NOT appropriate for continuous operation. The ozone unit removes 99.99 % of odours, germs, bacteria,... more
755.00 EUR
incl. legal vat., plus shipping charges + surcharge to type of payment, if applicable

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