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Colloidal silver

Kolloidales Silber 50 ppm, 500ml

Kolloidales Silber 50 ppm, 500ml

Highly pure colloidal silver, concentration: 50 ppm

Kind of manufacture: Ionic-Pulser® system, without additives.

Delivery: bottle of amber glass with joint runner and original seal

Aqua bidest for med. application (conductivity during filling 0.06 µS/cm)
Fine silver MED plus (medically pure, additionally hardened, Ag content of min. 99.99%).

Storage: To maintain the state as stored as long as possible, bottles should always be stored closed, coolly and protected against direct sunlight.

It is urgently required that you avoid coming near electromagnetic fields (refrigerator, TV, microwave etc.).

Keep it out of reach of children!

Please, observe that we offer this product for technical purposes only (for legal reasons!). We cannot accept responsibility in case of other use.

Shipping weight: approx. 790 g

fresh production after order

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Preis pro Liter: 54,- EUR

Delivery notice: fresh production after order
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